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Buying a Cookies From Scratch Gift Certificate is the perfect GIFT SURPRISE for all occasions. EVERYONE LOVES OUR COOKIES! Your recipent can choose from 100's of amazing COOKIE PACKAGES including delicious Frosted Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs, Many Cookie Flavors, lots of Bar Cookies and several Cookie Combination Samplers for every Holiday. (During check-out just include the DELIVERY ANNOUCEMENT METHOD: Postal Service, Email Service Phone Call. Remember to include recipients  address , email address & Phone Number and we'll send out a message right away announcing the COOKIE GIFT CERTIFICATE. Great Last Minute Gifts Too!!! (can not use discounts for purchase of gift certificates)

NOTE: GIFT CERTIFICATE WILL ADD A SHIPPING AMOUNT. EXAMPLE - $25.00 Gift Certificate + $14.95 Shipping = Total Gift Certificate Amount $39.95

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